Workout Log

Week of 1/6/13
1/6-Winsor Pilates Buns and Legs, 8 minute plank challenge(sick)
1/7-Rest (sick)
1/8-Rest (sick)
1/9-3 miles treadmill, abs
1/10-4 mile run outside, Turbofire abs and stretch
1/11-Upper body workout (chest, back, tris, bis, shoulders), planks, 15 min stairmaster
1/12-5.5 miles outside
1/13-P90X Plyometrics, abs
1/15-30 minute treadmill interval workout (~3 miles), abs
1/16-3 mile run @ 8:20 outside (whoa!), Winsor Pilates Buns and Legs, Planks for 8 minutes
1/17-Insanity Max Cardio Conditioning, abs
1/19-Jackie Warner extreme time saver, abs
1/20-Insane abs, High intensity circuit warmup, Turbofire HIIT 20
1/21-3 mile treadmill run, upper body workout
1/22-Turbofire HIIT 30, 250 abs
1/23-2.25 mile treadmill run, 10 min incline walking, 300 abs
1/24-2 mile treadmill run, 15 min elliptical, legs
1/27-OFF-LC/Turbofire abs, Winsor Pilates Buns and Thighs
1/28-Bodypump, 2 mile run, planks
1/29-3 miles on treadmill @ 6.7, leg workout, abs
1/31-3.25 mile run, upper body routine
2/1-HIIT class
2/2-5 mile run, abs
2/3-30 minutes on elliptical, abs, Pilates buns and thighs video
2/5-3 miles on treadmill, leg routine and abs
2/7-2.5 mile run, upper body routine, abs
2/8-HIIT class
2/9-6 mile run on treadmill
2/11-Bodypump, 2 mile run, abs
2/12-20 minutes glute master, 10 minutes incline walking, legs/butt, abs
2/14-3 mile run, 300 abs
2/15-2.5 mile run, abs
2/16-2.3 mile run, 20 minutes elliptical, abs
2/18-Bodypump, 3 mile run
2/19-3.5 mile run, legs, abs
2/20-20 min HIIT turbofire, 15 minutes pilates, abs
2/21-Arms, 15 minutes arc trainer, abs
2/24-Insanity Pure Cardio
2/25-25 minutes butt machine
2/26-3.25 mile run, abs
2/27-30 minutes elliptical, arms, abs
3/1-P90X shoulders and arms
3/3-3 mile run, abs
3/4-Total tone class
3/5-3.5 mile run
3/6-25 min elliptical, arms, abs
3/8-4 mile run
3/9-15 minutes elliptical, arms, abs
3/10-5 mile run
3/11-10 minutes elliptical, 10 minutes stairmaster, 10 minutes incline walking, butt moves, abs
3/12-3 mile run, total tone class
3/13-Midsemester workoff
3/14-20 minutes walking, arms, abs
3/15-2.25 mile run, 15 min elliptical, abs
3/17-4 mile run
3/18-Lower body routine, abs
3/20-Max interval Insanity cardio circuit
3/21-P90x Shoulders and arms

4/15-2 mile run
4/17-4 mile run
4/21-6 mile run
4/22-3 mile run
4/23-4 mile run
4/25-2.5 mile run
4/26-2.75 mile run
4/27-5 mile run
4/30-5 mile run
5/1-3 mile run
5/3-4 mile run
5/6-3 mile run
5/7-4 mile run
5/9-3 mile run
5/11-4 mile run
5/13-5 mile run
5/15-3 mile run
5/16-4 mile run
5/19-Lilac festival 5K-24:58
5/20-4.5 mile walk, abs
5/21-Lower body workout, 3 mile run
5/22-2.25 mile run, abs
5/23-4 mile run
5/24-upper body workout, abs
5/25-Active rest
5/26-3 mile run
5/27-6 mile run
5/28-4 mile run
5/30-20 min elliptical, upper body workout, abs
5/31-3 mile run (HOT)
6/1-4 mile speed workout, 1 mile run, 2 800’s, 1 400, 2 200s
6/2-4 mile run, 15 min NIKE ab workout
6/3 3 mile speed workout
6/4-20 min elliptical, abs, lower body routine
6/5-6.5 mile run, abs
6/6-Jillian Michaels Yoga Meltdown level 1, Turbofire abs
6/8-4 mile run, abs
6/9-Kayaking, 3 mile run, abs
6/10-4 mile run
6/11-Arms workout, elliptical, rower, abs
6/12-3.5 mile speed work, 1 mile warm up, 800’s, 400’s, 1 mile fast/slow, abs
6/13-At home upper body workout, abs
6/14-7 mile run, 8 minute abs and stretch
6/17-4 mile run


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