Goodness… the semester just started and already I have no life!
My days have consisted of class, work, gym and recruitment for my sorority among other things.
I thought today I’d give you guys a little look into what a typical day is like for me and also tell you about all my classes.  While they all are time-consuming and demanding, I love them all!

Typical day
7:20-Wake up. Get ready in the outfit I got out the night before, do my hair and makeup
7:45-Out the door.  Grab my Special K Protein shake, premade Iced Coffee and apple slices for class
10:45-11-Feel guilty about the Earth and print out tons of papers.  2 of my classes are very reading intensive, causing heavy printing 😦
11:15-Lunch with some sisters.  It usually consists of a few of these items: grilled chicken, grilled turkey sandwich, fruit, salad, soup
12:15-3-Class! Wishing I had a second cup of joe..
3:15-Get back to dorm, WORK OUT!
5:15-Dinner with the roomies
6-whenever-Homework, sorority meetings, relaxing

I feel like I go non-stop all day. Oh the life of a college student.

Yesterday at the gym I did 3 miles on the treadmill and then a leg/ab workout.  I thought I’d share it with you guys

2×15 wide stance squats holding heavy dumbbell
2X15 narrow stance squats holding heavy dumbbell
15 elevated lunges each side on workout bench
20 lunges each leg (normal I guess?)
2×15 on each leg, 1 leg deadlifts (held 15 lb weights in each hand)
15 on each side donkey kicks
15 on each side outer thigh leg lifts
15 on each side inner thigh leg lifts

250 different crunches of whatever I thought of!

It only takes 20-30 minutes tops but I feel it’s super effective and I feel totally accomplished afterwards.
Sadly.. after my workout I started to feel under the weather.  I have a sore throat today, sinus headache, some weird chest pains and my stomach has felt off occasionally.  I’m sure it’s a little touch of something but I hope it goes away ASAP!

Anyways.. here’s the classes I’m taking this semester
1. Developmental assessment-a nursing pre-req.  Basically a dumbed-down version of psychology.  The teacher is very interesting though and she has a degree in what I ultimately want to do!
2. Junior Colloquium-I’m in the honors program at my college.  This is a 1 credit class where we start planning our honors thesis.  SCARY! I’m thinking of doing something with disordered eating habits and girl’s levels of self esteem.
3. American Literature-taking this class for fun.  So far, the teacher has been amazing!  The book we had to read too was very enjoyable. Plus it’s a hybrid class so we meet every other week for 1.5 hours. Pretty awesome!
4. Motivation-a Psych elective.  It’s at 8 AM but the teacher is very engaging.  Or my coffee is doing it’s job…
5. Research Methods-we learn the research process and ultimately conduct our own research experiment.  I’m a little scared of this class!
6. Early Modern Monarchy-a history elective.  I’m the only non-history major and there’s even grad students in the class!  This is my most challenging class but I LOVE the subject material so it doesn’t even seem like work to me 🙂

Wow. Lots of words.  No pictures.  Sorry guys!
Hopefully I can update again soon.
Don’t worry though I have been reading all of your blogs daily 🙂