Marvelous Monday!

Ah long time, NO BLOG!
Between classes, work, sorority things, having a social life and exercising… yes blogging fell to the wayside.  However followers.. I have read your blogs religiously every day still 🙂

This summer I’m hoping to get back on to the blogging train.  I have a desk job that allows me to work on blogging things!  It’s basically the job I have during the school year with higher pay and normal hours.  8-4 M-Th and 8-12 Fridays! How perfect are those hours? Not complaining one. bit.  (I guess that’s my first marvelous thing?)

Anyway.. let’s get on with the main show shall we?

Marvelous is.. free donuts. & Dunkin coffee. (Fellow dunkin lovers, get the app! They have awesome coupons on it such as 1 dollar medium iced coffees )

Marvelous is spending a rainy afternoon shopping with friends. & Buying sundresses in hopes of summer actually acting like summer!

Marvelous is this yogurt.  I usually only buy Greek yogurt but this flavor sounded appealing to me.  I’m glad I tried it.  It’s just the right amount of sweetness and reminds me of summer!

Marvelous is kayaking for the first time on the canal! I’ve never been kayaking before and had a blast!  My arms aren’t even that sore.

Marvelous is a pit stop during kayaking for ice cream. Yummmm.

Marvelous is overnight oats!
(These are sooo not photogenic)

Recipe: 1/2 cup oats, 2/3 cup unsweetened almond milk, 1/2 cup plain greek yogurt, 1/2 mashed banana, cinammon and in the morning I added cocoa powder and sliced strawberries.  Delicious and SO FILLING.

Marvelous is Old Navy workout gear on sale.  I ended up taking this tank top off a mannequin.  I wanted it so bad!  It fits awesome and I rocked it on a quick, hot 3 mile run last night.

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Today’s plan consists of work, bodypump, making dinner and then prepping dinner for tomorrow night!
Oh and probably some true blood.  Gotta catch up for next Monday!

Have a marvelous Monday ❤


15 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday!

  1. Welcome back! Love Old Navy’s workout line – I feel like it’s always on sale, too, which is awesome. And I had no idea Dunkin had an app.. downloading it now.

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