What I Ate Wednesday #2 #WIAW

So.. until dinner time I was great on taking photos! Sorry guys 😦
Thanks to Jenn for hosting What I Ate Wednesday!





1. Maple and brown sugar oatmeal with peppermint tea
2. Midmorning snack: Coffee and a banana
3. Sandwich: Whole wheat and flax sandwich thin, turkey, American cheese, spinach, mustard
5. Vanilla yogurt

I guess I can describe to you the rest of my eats because I’m awful at remembering to take pictures.  Luke actually has had to remind me before. Buhhh.

Snack: Pria Power Bar-Vanilla Crisp

Dinner: Baked chicken breast with Memphis BBQ sauce, a salad with spinach, cherry tomatoes, carrots, peas, cucumber and sugar free raspberry vinaigrette and a granny smith apple with cinammon sprinkled on top

Snack: Popcorn with hot sauce, Diet hot cocoa with almond milk

My roomie also had me try pretzel M&Ms.  I only  had 2 but man those are like a legal form of crack I think…

After being reunited with my roomie, I didn’t have enough time to go to the gym before it closed.  So I did an HIIT Turbofire workout!  I love Charlene’s energy and I like how it’s a quick but super effective workout.  My legs feel the burn and I’m dripping with sweat!  Then I did a bunch of ab exercises.  I’m really hoping to go to the gym tonight though. I want treadmill time! (weird..)

I also want to tell you about some fabulous purchases. Of the coffee genre.  I’m not sure how many of you have an Ollie’s by you.  We have a bunch around and basically they sell name-brand discounted stuff.  They had ground coffee in a bunch of cool flavors for 3 bucks so I bought 2 bags.  Cinnamon roll and pumpkin spice.  I’m pleased to say I’m in love with both.  They actually have the flavor that they advertise! I hate when you buy coffee in a fancy flavor but it tastes ordinary.  What a letdown.  So if there’s an Ollie’s by you coffee lovers.. BUY THEIR COFFEE.

What’s your favorite kind of coffee?
(I really need suggestions 😉 )


What I ate Wednesday #WIAW

Thanks to Jenn for hosting my 1st What I Ate Wednesday!
<Due to the chaos of my birthday, I took some pictures over a course of a few days of what I ate.  I gotta be better at remembering!

Birthday shot!
Chipotle salad deliciousness! (Chicken, black beans, salsa, a little bit of cheese)

Luke’s plate! Huge rack of ribs, fries (I stole a few), mac salad and corn bread.
He basically had his lunch all ready for him the next day!

My plate at Dinosaur BBQ! Pulled pork, side salad w/ dressing on side, tomato cucumber salad
I took half the pork home for dinner Tuesday night!
Breakfast-Cinnamon oats with strawberry pieces as topping. Mmmm!

My birthday was amazing! After dinner at Dinosaur where I ordered my 1st legal drink, my best friend came up and we got ready to go out! We hit 3 bars and I definitely got to have a variety of delicious drinks.  A few of my other friends came out and it was honestly a great time.  Low key but still a blast.  I couldn’t have asked for anything better!
Today my best friend and I went shopping and we got some great deals!  For 19 dollars at Victoria’s Secret I got pj pants and sweatpants! I also got a top, belt and tank top for 30 at another store and got 2 pairs of shorts for the summer at Kohls for 6 bucks! Absolutely can’t beat that!
My best friend and I also got piercings! Tragus to be exact.  It didn’t hurt at all and I can barely feel it now. I love how it looks!

After my friend left I had dinner.  My leftover pork, a salad and an apple. Nothing special 🙂  Then I headed to the gym for a sweaty interval run on the treadmill and did some abs!  I love interval workouts.  They get you super sweaty and they’re hard work but go by sooo fast!

Back to the old grind today sadly.  Work, workout, dinner, relaxation, online class homework. Whoo!

What are your favorite workouts?