1st Nomination Celebration

Ha I thought I was so clever with that rhyme 🙂

I’m so excited to be nominated! Thanks Meghan at After the Ivy League for the nomination!

So the rules are..share 7 random things about yourself!
I think I can do this.

1. I despise chocolate milk.  I tried it once.. never again. But yes I like milk, and chocolate ice cream and chocolate. Just not chocolate milk.  Weird I know.

2. Currently I’m a student majoring in Nursing and Psychology. Yay science! 🙂

3.  I used to work at an amusement park by me.  It was pretty awful. Really.

4. I own a whole shoebox full of nailpolish.  I also continue to buy new colors. Obsessed.
This is my current color 🙂

5. My favorite workout is doing upper body weights.  I love the burn and the soreness after.

6. I’m terrified of birds. I will never watch the movie The Birds for fear of never wanting to go outside again.

7. My favorite kind of pie is pumpkin! I wish it was available year round.. =\

Now time for my nominations!
Amanda @ PBAdrenaline
Kaity @Kaity’s Cooking
Taryn @PeaceandPizza
Jessie @Jessiebearwhatwillyou
Denielle @DSweatsLife
Alyssa @CastlesinEurope

Today  is an incredibly uneventful day.  I’m stuck at work till 4 then I need to go to the post office to mail a book.  Dinner tonight..well you’ll see that tomorrow 😉 I plan on hitting up the gym after dinner for some light cardio and ab exercises because my legs feel kinda tired and my upper body KILLS from my workout yesterday. ( I love it!).  I also can’t wait to catch up with my roomie tonight after being away from each other for a month.  I’m thinking wine?! We shall seeeee 😉

What workouts do you do when your legs feel tired?