Target & Taylor-Recap!

Why hello long time no talk!
I thought I’d share some amazing foodie finds from Target today!

Look how cheap they are! These are some of my favorite granola bars.  They really do taste like coconut and have 5g of protein so they’re more filling than other similar products.  I got 2 boxes because I couldn’t pass up that deal!

Addicting.  Amazing.  Really like carrot cake. Only at Target. Boo.

I needed a new tea and found this! Perfect for my breakfasts in the summer 🙂

Another outrageous deal!  I guess this is the adult form of gummy snacks.

OPI nail polish for 2 bucks!? Uh yes.. You can’t tell from the picture but it’s a really cool shade of silver.  Just another polish to add to my giant collection of probably 40 colors.

Yeah, it’s not from Target but it’s such a good deal! I got a coupon in the mail for this free travel mug! Until the end of September it’s 95 cent refills, but only on hot coffee sadly 😦 I’ll miss my iced coffee but this is such a cute deal and the mug will last longer than September.   Another reason why DD is AMAZING.

Anyways.. this weekend I saw TSWIFT!
Our seats were a little high up..
But not as high as this…
Ed Sheeran really really impressed me.  He did a great set and now I’m listening to more of his music.  Taylor put on a fantastic show.  & yes I cried when she performed the song “All Too Well”
Talk about perfect timing with this shot.
There were 45,000 people there and it was her 2nd show at the stadium!
I’m sad it’s over.. I got the tickets in November and I thought the day would never come!  

Besides the concert my mom and I did some serious shopping and walking.  It was a great weekend to spend with her because now I don’t live at home and I’m usually really busy!  We caught up on everything and it was great bonding.

OH! Running wise.. This happened Friday morning. It was awesome! I felt great the entire time.

This half marathon is really starting to look like a reality for me.  My goal is to try to do 8 miles tomorrow.  I’m nervous but if I have to take walk breaks that’s fine with me!

Tonight I plan on getting a solid upper body and abs workout in at the gym so my legs are rested for my long run!

Any good foodie finds?
How do you prepare for a long run?