Thursday Thoughts

I feel like being random today.

1. I’ll also be MIA this weekend.  I’m going to a leadership conference in DC! While I’m excited for it because I’m sure it’ll be fun it stinks because a. I hate wearing dress clothes b. It’s the weekend before school starts

2. Yeah.. my semester starts Monday. I’m actually semi-excited but I know I will take that back once I have a thing called homework. Oh and tests.

3. I had an amazing veggie omelet last night. I inhaled it to put it modestly.

4. My roommate and I found we have a passion for Special K products.
special k
Maybe they can give us discounts?!?

5. Kcups while expensive are so convenient. And come in cool flavors.

6. Fitness classes start at my school gym Monday.  First class I have planned? BODYPUMP! I can’t wait. I missed that class! Also on the list is PiYO and a Running Interval class.

I will definitely update you on my leadership filled weekend! & the start of the semester!
Ahh so busy but I love it.

Favorite special K product?


21 thoughts on “Thursday Thoughts

  1. Have fun at the leadership conference! I’ve always wanted to try this Body Pump class. I’ve actually never heard of it until I entered the blog scene! My parents’ gym at home has body shape which might be a similar class. Who knows. I think my thoughts today are random too 🙂

  2. Running Interval class?! that sounds awesome. Also, Special K now has the chocolate strawberry cereal…I really want to try it but I know I’ll eat the whole box like it’s nothing lol

  3. special k products are awesome, there pecan cereal is the bestttttttt! have a good weekend ! im the same way i was so excited for school to start and its day 2 and i have a countdown til its over lol

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