Bucket List

I figured since now I’m the ripe old age of 21, it would be a neat idea to make a bucket list of 21 things I want to do while I’m 21.

  1. Indoor rock climbing
  2. Go to a casino
  3. Take a weekend vacation somewhere just to get away
  4. Run a half marathon
  5. Go hiking in Allegheny or Adirondacks
  6. Read one book a month for pleasure
  7. Buy a heart rate monitor
  8. Go to a museum
  9. Try a dish at a restaurant I would have never considered before
  10. Volunteer somewhere
  11. Try being vegetarian for 1 week
  12. Learn how to make a smoothie
  13. Go on a wine tour
  14. Learn how to knit/crochet a scarf
  15. Make a tshirt blanket
  16. Attend a musical/play
  17. Create a photo album/scrapbook
  18. Make 3 crockpot meals
  19. Get entirely caught up with the show True Blood
  20. See a movie I would never normally see
  21. Take a cooking classWe will see if these get done! I’d love to accomplish them all!

    Yesterday my workout consisted of a quick 3 mile run outside.  It was cold and was going to get dark in less than an hour so I wanted to make sure I got home before then.  Well, I pushed myself through the wind and cold and ended up having an 8:20 pace! I haven’t gone that fast in a normal run in awhile so I was quite proud of myself.  I then whipped up dinner a la dorm style: a hamburger with no bun, mustard on the side, a salad with cucumber, carrots, tomatoes, chickpeas and light italian dressing, a small granny smith apple and one of the last of my reindeer peeps (so sad!).  After dinner I did Winsor pilates butt and thighs workout.  Wow.. you really feel the burn with those exercises! Then I ended with some planks.

    The rest of the night was devoted to online class work, cleaning, relaxing and reading.  I’m going to miss the free time at night when the semester starts! Eek. I’m ready for classes but at the same time not.

    What’s on your bucket list?
    If you’re in college what are some of your dorm room eats?



17 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. Love bucket lists! Good luck with yours 🙂
    We always had chips and salsa (for when friends would come hang out) and carrots and dip in our dorm room.

  2. Oh definitely need to go to a casino, buy a lottery ticket, and go wine tasting! I love making lists 🙂 T-shirt blanket is SO possible! Just finished mine 🙂 And YES cooking class! Check out Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table (if you have one nearby) they have lots!

    I am reading a book on Juila Child and I swear, she is my IDOL now. 🙂

  3. That gets me thinking on what I would have on my bucket list! I’d love to do a Tough Mudder, learn another language, and travel around Europe.
    Having a mini fridge – lifesaver for my first year of uni. I kept milk (for cereal), yogurt, water, fruit and pop in there.

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