More about Me

Since I’m very new to the blogging world, I thought this morning I’d give you some info about me in the form of… Top 3 Lists!

Top 3 Foods
1. Pasta. I love it!  Although I’ve tried to cut back for fear of carb overload.
2. Salad.  Never gets old.  You can put anything you want on it!
3. Popcorn.  Greatest. Snack. Ever.

Top 3 Chain Restaurants
1. Panera. Enough said.
2. Chipotle
3. Subway


Top 3 Stores
1. Forever 21
2. Victoria’s Secret. I have too many things from here.  But they give me such good incentive to buy!
3. Gap. Best jeans in the entire world.
Top 3 Authors
1. Jodi Picoult
2. Nicholas Sparks
3. Dan Brown

Top 3 Movies
1.Dear John.  I know I’m pathetic but it makes me cry everytime.  Plus Channing is beautiful.
2. Titanic.

Top 3 Workouts
1. Running. Duh.
2. Upper body workouts.  I love the burning in my arms!
3. BodyPump

                                           1st in my age group awhhh yeah.

Top 3 Obsessions
1. Leopard print.  It’s obnoxious
2. Nail polish. 2 storage bins full..
3. Coffee. Iced. Hot. WHATEVER!


16 thoughts on “More about Me

  1. The opening scene of Dear John was filmed at the beach I always go to! Wish I had lived here during filming.. Channing Tatum must have been all over the place.

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