Friday Favorites

Favorite Friday


1. This weather! Yesterday I got out of work an hour early so instead of going to the gym, I thought a 4 mile run would be a good idea. It was AMAZING. Perfect weather and temperature.

2. This book. My mom kept nagging me and nagging me to read this book. Finally I started and I cannot stop. If anyone is a fan of historical fiction, read this. It moves super fast too so that’s another plus.

3. Granny smith apples. I love their taste and crunchiness. I’ve been having one almost everyday and don’t plan on stopping!
Granny Smith Apple-1

4. Grey’s Anatomy. I just started watching on Netflix this week. Why haven’t I been watching before?!? Addicted.

5. Peeps. I know it’s a love/hate thing for people. I definitely love them. In fact, one year my mom forgot to buy them for my easter basket and I got very upset! She hasn’t missed a holiday for them since 

Have a fabulous weekend, I know I will 

Any book suggestions?
Do you love or hate Peeps?


16 thoughts on “Friday Favorites

  1. It always excites me to find another upstater. I saw by your email (Brockport!!). Anywho that is awesome. I used to like peeps but being diabetic, I have to limit a lot of my sugar intake (which is why I was so sick this week). Glad the weather is looking nice, I’m not looking forward to coming back there for work next week LOL.

  2. Grey’s is one of those shows that was so awesome when it first started and honestly stayed really good as it went on. I think there was one season during which I contemplated not watching anymore, but it picked back up. They bring new characters in and it works. That’s a show I kinda want to start watching from the beginning again.

  3. Love that book! There is a follow up I believe. I can’t seem to recall the title but it’s wonderful. I’m a peeps fan more for the fact that it’s so traditional and relates to the holidays but if choosing between peeps and ice cream, the later wins my attention 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Upstaters rule!!! I was SUNY Geneseo class 2010!! Grey’s is a pretty sweet show. In 2008 I watched all the season to date in one summer and kept up for a while but fell off watching it. It’s addicting and so dramatic!! Happy to see other people taking advantage of this beautiful weather!!

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