Let There Be Light

Phew. It’s only 3 PM and it’s been a very eventful day!
First, I moved back into my dorm 2 days ago to start working at my job for winter classes.  Today was supposed to be my 1st day at 8 AM sharp.  Well, after waking up a little after 6 I realize the light I left on in the common room was off, my alarm clock was off and my fan wasn’t running.  The power was out.  FABULOUS!
I got ready in the darkness and enjoyed my Golean Cereal by Kashi.  I walked to work, realized the building was locked and waited for 20 minutes.  I had no idea none of the campus had power until seeing a sign on another door.  While I was disappointed I wouldn’t be working and making money, I realized one thing.  I COULD GO TO THE VICTORIA’S SECRET SEMI ANNUAL SALE!

My obsession with that place is unreal.  I got some great deals and only spent 50 dollars!  I got yoga crop leggings (great for running), a new bra and some cute undies! I was debating on getting a hoodie but I figured I had enough of those.  After going to the mall and shopping, I thought I should probably get ahead on some work for my online class I’m taking over the winter.  I headed back to my still powerless dorm, grabbed my textbook and computer and went to a local coffee shop.

I enjoyed a delicious hot praline latte and a turkey bagel sandwich!  It filled me up and was a great lunch.  On the side I also had some carrot sticks.  (More on that later 🙂 ) I was going to do some work but then received an email from the professor saying the class might be cancelled! I’m guessing it’s due to low enrollment.  I’m waiting on doing more work for the class.  I emailed the professor to see what’s up and fingers crossed the class continues.  I’m taking child psych for my psych major and if I don’t take this class this winter I’ll either have to switch one of my classes for the spring or take a psych class in the summer.  Bleh I wanted to get it over with now!

Instead of working on my class then, I read some Runner’s World to get my motivation up!  I haven’t run in almost a week due to a major snowstorm we had and the extreme cold following.  Only 20 today and it was windy! Running outside? No thank you!  My school gym opens starting tomorrow and I can’t wait to have some treadmill and elliptical dates while also going to group classes and using weight machines.  Variety is the spice of life!

Oh update.  3 PM the power finally came on! My cold food all stayed surprisingly super cold too which makes me happy! I was in the middle of an Insanity recovery workout and heard some clicking and flickering and BAM! Let there be light!

Now, since it’s the new year I thought of some goals for myself.  Not resolutions, goals.  Goals seem more reasonable and I feel like you don’t feel like a failure if you slip up on something.

1. Run longer distances.  The longest race I’ve done is a marathon relay and 7.5 miles.  I would love to be able to do 10 and I would feel amazing if I managed to do a half! (We shall seeeeee!)
2. Consume more fruits and veggies.  I’ve been working on 5 servings a day and so far it’s working! (Like my carrots with lunch!)
3. Read a pleasure book each month.  While this seems a little low, when school is in full swing I know this will be hard to achieve! Currently I’m reading Dark Places.  Love it!
4. Relax.  I’m known to be a very anxious person.  I want to learn to deal with stress and my anxiety in a positive way.
5. 5 days a week do ab workouts.  Eventually achieve a 5 minute plank! I’m at 1:45 for my plank so I got a good start so far 🙂

What are your goals??


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