Thankful Thursday

With Christmas right around the corner there is so much to be thankful for!

1. Finals being over! I needed a break from school and now it’s finally here.  Unfortunately I’m still waiting on 1 more final grade though. Gahhh!

2. Candles!  Now that I’m at home I can have their smelly deliciousness everywhere!  My current favorite…Image

3. My friends and boyfriend.  Who would I be without them? I don’t even know!ImageImage

4. My stomach finally feeling normal.  I went to hibachi for the 1st time last night.. and it ended awful.  I had awful food poisoning and thankfully I’m feeling okay today.  I can eat and my stomach isn’t off too too much.  Ugh.. I think I’ll have an aversion to asian food now for the rest of my life.

5. For no snow.. yet!  Okay okay I want a white christmas more than anything in the world.  But lets all admit, it’s been fabulous not having to drive in it, or dress for it or especially run in it.  My runs this week have been perfect outside due to the lack of snow and brisk temperatures.  Once the snow comes, my outside runs will not be as frequent which makes me sad.  I HATE treadmills!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous Thursday!

How do you motivate yourself to run on the treadmill in icky weather?


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